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What is Spiritual Direction?

"Spiritual direction is help given by one Christian to another which enables that person to pay attention to God’s personal communication to him or her, to respond to this personally communicating God, to grow in intimacy with this God."

- Barry & Connolly


I've had the privilege of offering spiritual direction for pastors, counselors, missionaries, and lay leaders around the globe for over a decade.


For me, spiritual direction is simply cooperating with the Holy Spirit to help an individual slow down and notice God's unique communication with him or her that would otherwise go unnoticed.


I enjoy incorporating various spiritual exercises in my direction sessions, including Scripture meditation, imaginative prayer, and healing prayer. I also utilize personality typologies such as the Enneagram to provide greater insight into one's spiritual growth journey.

Contact me today to see if spiritual direction is right for you!

Who is Spiritual Direction For?
  • Do you long to be more intentional in your relationships with God?

  • Do you desire to uncover the ways the Lord is communicating with you?

  • Would you enjoy a companion to help you discern what Jesus is doing in your life?

If any of these above statements describe you, then spiritual direction might be what your heart is longing for.

Tiffany's Training & Experience
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I remain committed to my ongoing personal development and continued education as a spiritual director. I have undergone ​rigorous training and supervision in spiritual direction from Biola University's Institute for Spiritual Formation, Lipscomb's Institute for Christian Spirituality Year 2 Spiritual Direction Training Program in Ignatian Spirituality, and Sage Hill Counseling's Voice of the Heart leadership training for helping professionals. I have also received training in various forms of healing prayer. I also served as a lead facilitator of Lipscomb University's graduate level spiritual direction certification program, training counselors, pastors, and other care leaders in the skills of spiritual direction.

Supervision for Spiritual Directors

It is my personal conviction that all spiritual directors need to receive regular supervision. Supervision is a space to receive assistance in tending to your own soul so that you can hold a clear, safe space for others. It is also a place for practical guidance and insight that allows you to continue to grow as a director.

If you are practicing spiritual direction and are in need of a supervisor, contact me!

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