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"The LORD God also said, 'It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make for him a suitable helper.'" Genesis 2:18

Value of Coaching

We are literally designed for relationship. One of the ways we are made in the imago Dei (image of God), is that our very nature is wired for connection. Just as the persons of the Trinity enjoy relationship with each other, we are also designed to flourish only in the context of relationship. 

The value of a coach is that they help you to discover your desired vision and implement the necessary action steps to achieve it. Walking together, you experience the encouragement, direction and focus of someone helping you to achieve clarity on the dream life you long for!


I've received training in transformational coaching from several organizations in California and Nashville. My style of coaching blends my value of tending to the entire person--body, mind, and spirit. 

Coaching differs from spiritual direction in that it is action-oriented, helping an individual move towards tangible, future goals. In a coaching relationship you also typically meet with greater frequency (weekly, or bi-weekly) for a more focused period of time.

In additional to general transformational coaching, I offer two specific coaching packages for ministry leaders, pastors and missionaries: 

  1.   Soul Care Coaching: Developing Sustainable Rhythms

  2.   Sabbatical Coaching: Developing a Sabbatical Plan


Contact me below for more information on either of these focused coaching opportunities.

Soul Care Coaching

Let me help you design sustainable rhythms for your life.

Sabbatical Coaching

Let me help you create a Sabbatical Plan and support you every step of your sabbatical.

Coachin Anchor
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